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To Register for the 2024 season you will need to fill in the Registration form online (through Netball Connect) and if you are a new player you will be required to make a new account. If you have issues creating an account or registering please contact the club.


Trainings are on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4.15pm - confirmation of times for your section will be confirmed before training starts.

Winter Season
Runs from March to late August (can be Second week of September if a team makes the Grand Final) playing 18 games, 3 rounds of finals after that if a team finishes in the top 4 teams in their section.

Spring Season
Runs from October to December (no Finals in Spring Season) playing 9 games. 
Games are played on Saturday’s at Pinks Reserve Kilsyth. Training is held at the Coldstream Multi purpose Netball and Tennis courts on South Gateway (next to the main football oval).

Fees for Winter Season 2024 are:

NET SET GO GO (PREVIOUSLY 9 & UNDER'S) $277.00 ($64.00 insurance included)
JUNIOR PLAYERS (11 - 17 years old) $254.00 ($64.00 insurance included)
SENIOR PLAYERS $274.00 ($84.00 insurance included)

Netball Insurance - Set by Netball Victoria
NET SET GO $76.00

Ways to Register
Registrations and payments are now only processed online, if you are unable to pay the full amount when you register please contact the club because we will need to organise your registration separately. All players are required to register to our competitions through the Netball Connect platform. 

 For further details contact: Laura Beams  

*If your child is turning 6 years old before August 29th in 2024 they are eligible to play proper netball in Under 9s, but if they aren't confident/ready they can participate in the Net Set Go Program*

Net Set Go! Program (4 years old - 6 years old) - let us know if you're keen for 2024!

UNDER 9 Player (6 years old - 9 years old) - Registration Link
(If your child is born year 2015-2016)

JUNIOR PLAYER (10 years old - 17 years old) & SENIOR PLAYER (18 years old plus)   

(If your child is born year 2014 or earlier)       

                                        Registration Link 

The Netball Connect app is an easier way to manage, play, score, and spectate. 

  • Follow your favourite team, watch game scores update in real-time, view draws and ladders

  • Communicate with your team directly through the chat function

  • Register directly to competitions, purchase uniforms, merchandise, and products.

  • Allocated scorers score directly in the app, recording player attendance and statistics

Download the Netball Connect app via the Apple Store here, and for Android click here

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